Brian Walker is the author of six books, among them beloved contemporary translations of Tao te Ching, I Ching, and Hua hu Ching, as well as the provocative and amusing Crazy Dog Guide to Lifetime Happiness and Crazy Dog Guide to Happier Work. His books have been published in eight languages around the world by major American publishers like HarperSanFrancisco, Simon & Schuster, Dell, and St. Martin's Press, and the Crazy Dog books are soon to be re-released by behappybooks.com to enormous critical and popular acclaim. Brian wears his underwear on the outside and also writes his own web copy.

His newest book, Be Happy Now, is the result of his having parlayed a reasonably good life into genuine misery and of having punched through that and back to the other side.

As a result of some things he figured out along the way, he now enjoys a state of calm positivity, good cheer, and authentic happiness. He lives and giggles in Boulder, Colorado, where he has the loveliest daughter on God's green earth, a fully enlightened dog, and a yearning to share what he has learned with anyone and everyone who truly wishes to inherit our natural birthright as human beings: genuine, lasting happiness in the here and now.

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